Don’t take our word for it, this is what our customers say.

“We find that effective luxury sales people operate on a very subconscious level. They don’t know why they do what they do. We have found the kits extremely useful for getting these people to slow down and analyse the words that change the course of conversations in an objective, ‘no place to hide’ way.

We have also found the kits useful in assessment situations as they allow us to clearly explain to both the individuals and the employer the reasons behind our decisions”

Rolls Royce

 “We have been more than pleased with the PhoneCoach equipment. Our course provides some very complex language tools. We have previously received feedback that it is difficult for delegates to close the gap from ‘training room’ to ‘place of work’. PhoneCoach has been a real gamer changer for us in this respect. Allowing us to immediately put the new learning into practise without the pressure of a real life customer. The PhoneCoach equipment has subsequently enabled the overall course content to be shortlisted by the European Contact Centre and Customer Services Awards. Thank you for a fast, friendly and effective service.”

L & D Manager, Northumbrian Water

“For anyone wanting to help staff improve their telephone capabilities, PhoneCoach is a must. All learning practitioners know that the best learning experience are those that replicate the work environment – PhoneCoach provides that opportunity. It is a powerful learning opportunity. The added value in terms of support provided by Mandy and her team makes the use of PhoneCoach a no brainer! Highly recommended”

Brian W, Training and Development Manager, Asteco Property Mangement, Dubai

The Phone Coach equipment that we use within our training has been excellent. The technology of the product is fantastic and our trainers find it easy to use and our delegates love how they can hear themselves back straightaway and improve their technique. Saving the calls and sending them through to line Managers to carry on the development of their staff has also been a fantastic tool. Mandy herself has delivered outstanding service and has also been prompt in delivering equipment and supporting when needed. I would highly recommend Mandy Stephens and Phonecoach.”

Sales Academy Manager, Virgin Active Fitness

“Mandy and PhoneCoach have been supporting us on a national project, which has required co-ordination and planning. The kit is easy to use, adds great value to training sessions and is even enjoyed by the delegates.  PhoneCoach are super-easy to deal with and ensure that all equipment is where it needs to be, at the time it needs to be there – fully charged and ready to go.

We hope to continue our relationship with Mandy and the team well into the future.”

Jeremy Malindine, Managing Director, Total Finesse UK Sales Trainer of the Year

“I have been teaching people the effective use of the telephone for both sales and customer service for over 30 years – and how I wish PhoneCoach had been available all that time!

It is very rare that even quite experienced sales people have heard what they sound like on the other end of the phone. And yet the way the voice is used is a key part of successful telephone work. In almost every case using PhoneCoach results in a much more effective use of the voice, and therefore more effective calls.  Now I would never run a telephone sales or customer service course without PhoneCoach. And since Mandy Stephens is also the real deal, it makes dealing with her organisation a very rewarding experiencd”

Colin Willsher, Colin Wilsher Training also working for Hemsley Fraser and Reed Learning

“PhoneCoach has greatly improved the transition from training to the office. It allows learners time to practice their new found knowledge whilst on the phone, meaning they are a lot more comfortable once they are in the live environment. PhoneCoach is a great tool for establishing the competency of the learners too, as we can complete call evaluations within the learning suite.”

Harry Dean, L&D Business Partner, 1ST CENTRAL Insurance Management Limited

“I have used the ‘PhoneCoach’ kit in one form or another for as long as I can remember. It has always played an important role in the training I deliver to thousands of automotive professionals who work in sales, service, parts and reception. The new wireless digital kit has proved particularly useful. It is a completely stand-alone set up perfect for training in all sorts of venues across the UK. The equipment is quick and easy to set up (about 5 minutes) and delegates find the handsets very straight forward to use. It has added weight to the training and coaching delivery and makes role-playing realistic. The real benefit however is the ability to easily listen back, critique and feedback the call example that has just taken place. My delegates like the fact that they can instantly play the call back and listen down the phone to the call using the simple ‘play back’ feature. Very often what you thought you said and how you thought you sounded are very different once you hear the actual call, particularly in the context of the course learning.

The kit was a big investment for the Academy and I only make such investments if I really believe it can add further value to what we do. In this case ‘Phone Coach’ has really worked for us. 94% of our customers will start their journey on the internet, in most cases to advance the enquiry they will call us or invite us to call them. Across the business our ability to effectively handle and convert these enquiries using the telephone is one of the quickest wins. ‘Phone Coach’ has helped us to make significant and measurable gains in this area of our performance. I would also highly commend the ‘PhoneCoach’ team on their superb customer service.”

David Webb,  Cambria Academy, Cambria Autos.

“I was using my system today and still totally love it.  If I had a work’s Desert Island Discs then this is the one thing I would take to the island with me.  I really couldn’t imagine doing my job without it now.”

Enza Burgio, Sales Trainer, Pitney Bowes

“All is brilliant with the PhoneCoach- it’s been so well received and really adding a wow factor to the course.”    


“We’ve used the kit on many occasions and all works well. It was a good investment for us”

Porsche Cars Great Britain

“I have used PhoneCoach for well over a decade now. Telephone skills training has always been a key part of my career and as both an in house trainer and owner of my own training business, I have found the equipment to be an invaluable asset to delegate understanding. It helps them practice new skills in a safe environment and receive expert feedback away from the live environment. Practising with PhoneCoach on a regular basis also goes a long way towards ensuring the new skills become new habits. For me this is the best possible return.

Not only is the equipment excellent, Mandy and her team have always delivered, in terms of both service and product. I whole heartedly  recommend PhoneCoach, in fact I have on numerous occasions, and will continue to do so.”

James Rose, CXPeople also working for Capita

“It crossed my mind that if feedback is a gift, then the PhoneCoach system just keeps on giving!”

Mike Applegarth, Applegarth Training

“The PhoneCoach is an excellent piece of kit and it has enabled us to record difficult conversations that an advisor/manager would have with one of our customers on various scenarios.

The PhoneCoach has enabled the quieter/nervous learners to go into different rooms whilst recording the calls and give a more confident call.   We then listen back to the calls within the whole group with the individual reflecting on their call and the group making notes also.  This is a great coaching tool, allowing the learners to hear themselves and if they disagree, it allows us to rewind the call to the pertinent point.

Although most advisors are nervous at the beginning, the feedback afterwards is fantastic and that they have really learnt from listening back and enjoyed the session”

Npower Utilities

“We use PhoneCoach on all our customer service and telephone skills training programmes. It adds a great dimension to the course which really helps us achieve great outcomes.  It is really vital for the success of these programmes!”

Best Practice Training and Development.  

“PhoneCoach has allowed us to give our Business Advisors real phone training for the first time, the change in confidence from the beginning of the workshop to the end is fantastic to see.  The service and support we have received from PhoneCoach since purchasing the equipment has been fantastic and has allowed every workshop to run smoothly”


As usual the PhoneCoach kits were invaluable and the courses would not have been the same without them. The delegates were all new to role and had never sold over the telephone before and now feel ready to take on their new roles. Thank you again for all your help.    

Hemsley Fraser Group

I absolutely loved PhoneCoach – the technology is extremely easy to use and the difference it makes to the delegates is phenomenal. As a really positive facilitator, it provides me with tangible evidence of the improvements that delegates can make when we coach them through the ideal sales call. This embeds the learning and shows people how much they can achieve with practice. They can listen to themselves in a safe environment as many times as they like. Recording the call and playing it through step by step is perfect for all communication related courses.

Matthew Storey,  Crofton Myers Training

“The PhoneCoach kits are being utilized within the training environment and is proving a hit with the trainers and the Agents!”

Head of CRM, Parseq outsourcing.

“The kit is going down an absolute storm – it’s been a massive success!!”

Group Training Manager, Pentagon Automotive Training Academy

“We have used PhoneCoach extensively throughout our Induction training and use it for an array of different courses. PhoneCoach gives delegates the opportunity to carry out tasks and conduct conversations with role play scenario customers in a safe environment. This gives the delegates the ability to overcome challenging situations and understand the complexities of the role before joining our contact centre and speaking with live customers”

EDF Energy

“PhoneCoach has brought another dimension to our training.  The power of giving delegates the opportunity to listen to themselves talking on a call is immense.  It allows them to realise their own areas of development much quicker rather than by back and forth feedback, which in turn helps them to build confidence on the phone much faster.  The fact that it is extremely easy to use is an added bonus.  This is an absolute game changer for us and we have been reaping the benefits from day 1.”

Steve Beadle, European Training Manager, Expense Reduction Analysts