Welcome all USA trainers running telephone skills sessions of any kind – telesales trainers, contact centre trainers, teachers/lecturers, freelance trainers & consultants.

PhoneCoach Alpha 6 Kit

These could be some of the typical challenges you face at the moment:

  • You need a way to give groups lots of telephone practice with a sense of realism so that they can face ANY scenario before they ‘go live’ and speak to real customers?
  • You  want your delegates to know how they sound on the phoneand take ownership
  • You want to improve communication skills in your college so students feel more ‘job ready’.
  • You need to get the standard of skills right before they speak to real customers?
  • You are running regular induction and upskilling of groups so consistency is vital with every group
  • You are training in lots of different places so need flexibility – different training rooms, hotels and locations.
  • You want to dramatically accelerate confidence and skills
  • You want to  ‘add value’ to your courses, make it interactive, memorable and fun,  and create a Wow factor?
  • You want the whole group to be practising and then get immediate feedback from recordings sono-one is waiting their turn.

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You could be delivering training sessions in:

Communication skills
handling challenging calls
objection and complaint handling
customer service
telephone sales
professional telephone techniques
receptionist skills
debt collection skills
employability skills

How can you guarantee that you can get your delegates practising telephone skills  IN ANY ROOM?

The solution:…PhoneCoach Alpha 6 portable telephone coaching kit.

PhoneCoach, is a training tool for you to use. It is available to rent or buy for you to use as you wish on your own courses.

It is completely portable and doesn’t need any Wifi or servers. Simply plug into the mains supply via the cable provided and be role-playing in groups within minutes!!!

  • Role-play and recording with up to 6 people simultaneously
  • Instant playbackof calls down their phones
  • Playback of any call to the groupvia loudspeaker
  • All calls recorded for later use via the laptop included
  • Trainer’s headphones so you listen inwhilst role-plays taking place
  • Portable– literally plug into the mains in any room or location
  • Set up in 5 minutes.
  • For larger groupsyou can use two sets of 6 provided they are not in the same room.

“We have used PhoneCoach extensively throughout our induction training and use it for an array of different courses.  PhoneCoach gives delegates the opportunity to carry out tasks and conduct conversations with role play scenario customers in a safe environment.  This gives the delegates the ability to overcome challenging situations and understand the complexities of the role before joining our contact centre and speaking with live customers” – L&D Manager, Utilities

Here is how it works:

We rent on a daily rate – we will send to wherever you like and collect from wherever you like in the USA, or we can sell the kit outright (including the laptop provided).

How PhoneCoach gives your training the Wow factor – click here for the video below